Tonight I had the honor of seeing Michaela and her friend in the talent show.  So as usual, in "Mother-of- the-Year" fashion when Michaela came to me and wanted to be in the talent show I got lost in the busy-ness of our active lives.  Being the determined little budding artist she is, she got a partner, they put together their act, and tried out. 

My friend and and I just stood back and let the girls go and they came up with a "Knock Knock Routine".  We thought about becoming one of those moms from "Toddlers & Tiaras" and put them in cute outfits, add tons of make-up, and primp their hair but no need.  We were so proud of how they handled it and entertained the audience….

TWB_8857 copy 
TWB_8860 copy 
TWB_8863 copy

I got a video….(low quality) but you get the idea of their cuteness.

Heck, when you are that cute who cares about the jokes.  So proud of them!