Two of my favorite things are great friends and tea.  This week I combined my two favorites by having Tea at Julian Tea & Cottage Arts with Janine.  Originally we had reservations for three but poor Victoria was sick.  So now we just need to go again.  I absolutely love this special place. 


The tea is so delicious and there are so many yummy flavors.  And the food…………oh my heavens.  When it comes on this dainty plate you just want more.  Now keep in mind I am not a finger foods kind of girl (or I just happen to have big fingers).  Maybe that makes me a 'leg sized foods" kind of girl.  But in this case the plate just leaves you wanting more and you follow it up with a yummy desert.  I have only had one thing on the menu too…….the curried chicken salad but I just don't want to deviate from something so good. 

Thanks Janine for a great time and Victoria we are all going back so get better soon.  We missed you!