Thursday I registered my son for his sophomore year.  For those raising teens and those who have raised them… parents you just want the absolute best for them.  They face so much.  There are days you want to see them fly free from the nest.  Then there are days you want them to stay so you can protect them. 

Today my son got his varsity letter….


I am a proud, beaming Mother and I just want him to know that…..


As he grows those wings I hope his decisions are wise ones, he learns from the wrong ones, and he is safe…..I love you Son.  I live for the day when you thank me for not being your friend at the moment but for being your Mother.  It's a full time job and title that I am most proud to have in my life.

And for those with parents with teens………there are those days you want to strap the jet pack on their back and light the dynamite yourself.  On those days, know that you are not alone.


"If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down."