I really try to take my weekends to do something relaxing and enjoyable…every other weekend kidfree can be an adventure for me with my camera.  This past weekend I took in the Temecula Balloon & Wine Festival with friends……



It was awesome.  I also took in a local winery to enjoy the flowers and a mimosa with breakfast!



I helped make a lot of these at a friend's Booth……



and had a couple myself to beat off the heat…..



A great weekend with friends in such beautiful surroundings.  Anywhere I can take my camera along to capture those moments that is what brings me great happiness.  Living live behind and in front of the camera!


"Recognize that happiness is a choice.  Many people relegate their happiness to external factors.  They think they can only be happy if they achieve X, Y, and Z or if X, Y, and Z criteria is satisfied.  Happiness doesn’t happen when those things are achieved; happiness is something you can experience now in this moment if you allow it to happen. "