Thank you to all who joined me on Saturday for a very fun mixed media class.  What a great group we had.  We enjoyed great wine, laughter and painting!  Three of my favorite things…..

It was a great day……..

Here is the fun we had HERE:

Special thanks to Jennifer, owner of Pamo Valley Winery for hosting and taking part in the class.  Also to Bill of Frugal Framer who we left our pieces with to be framed!

The deepest craving of human nature is the need to simply be appreciated as is – to be free to BE.  Sometimes we try to be sculptors, constantly carving out of others the image of what we want them to be – what we think we need, love, or desire.  But these actions and perceptions are against reality, against their benefit and ours, and always end in disappointment, because it does not fit who they really are.  The foundation of love is to let people be unapologetically themselves, and to not distort them to fit our own egotistical ideas of who they “should” be.  Otherwise we fall in love only with our own senseless fantasies, and thus miss out entirely on their true beauty.  So save your relationships from needless stress.  Instead of trying to change the people you care about, give them your support and grow together.”