Thank you to those who emailed me with the feedback.  To answer a few questions:

  • that is me.
  • I did not do anything to my eyes.  Just got lucky with incredible lighting.  And trust me, if I was "fixing" things #1 on my list would be wrinkle remover (when did I get so old?)
  • I did take that photo myself although Kelly took the ones of me taking that self portraits. Check our her post HERE regarding the head shots.
  • For those who emailed me about taking photos I sent private emails to you.
  • If you would like to subscribe to email up-dates of my website you can fill your email in on the bottom/left of the sidebar and hit "Subscribe".  I am trying to figure out the Google link that Dana suggested.
  • Tyler’s big campaign speech and voting is next week. 
  • My favorite favorite sinful desert art Hostess Twinkies (ok, nobody asked that one but just thought I would toss it in).

Yep, that is me……….I am still making changes to the layout & sidebars so suggestions/comments are always appreciated.