I have heard it takes village to raise a child and today my "village" stepped in.  Her name is Janine.  Without her I would not have been able to get through the day.  She started by watching all three kids this morning while I worked.  She fed them lunch and got them ready to go to the school where we did some volunteer work.  I went home with the kids where I noticed Joey had some nasty bug bites.  I had to get him to the doctor and get Tyler to soccer at the same time….step-in Janine.  I called her where she let Tyler tag along since her kids had soccer practice. Dsc_0690_3 I thought I could make it back to pick up Tyler but my guardian angel stepped in and said not to bother.  She kept Tyler and got him Dinner.  Did I mention she also brought me cocktail napkins and candy for some projects I need to photograph?  Thank you Friend!  What a gem that has come into my life.

This leads me to my next project…..A "Thank You" candy container.  (Notice my candy matches – Thanks to Janine again).  I used Helmar Adhesives and Die Cuts with a View ‘Nana’s Kids’ patterned paper. 

P.S.  Joey is just fine.  Just bug bites.