What a magical day.  As a I look back at the pictures the smiles say it all.  I am happy to call Char friend.  There were so many laughs and the best was how she made the kids laugh.  They really took a liking to her.  Micky even named her new bear, Charlotte.  I won’t go into the details but will share SOME of the photos (I took nearly 200).  We took the train from Dallas to Ft. Worth.  Timing was on our side as far as catching the trains, buses and missing the rain.  The rain and clouds also kept the temps cooler.  Char was a wonderful tour guide.

We went to the Ft. Worth Stockyards where we saw the long horns being ‘herded’ through the streets.  We even got to sit on one.  When Joey was up there "Big Jake" decided he need to relieve himself LOL.  Then on the Joe T. Garcia’s Restaurant for lunch. Very yummy and the gardens were incredible.  Everything was blooming and so green.  Then we had to catch the bus back.  If you ever need to hail a bus just let me know.  I had to demonstrate that to Char.  Unfortunately, we were hailing it in the wrong spot LOL. 

Then on to the Water Gardens.  Oh how stunning this was.  We enjoyed this time to sit down listening to the cascading water completely around us.  I loved this.  The camera never stopped there.  We then ran to catch the train to return to Dallas.  Just in the nick of time.  Tyler decided to spend this trip with an attitude but after some time apart he apologized to Char for his attitude and came back to us. 

The kids were all good (phew!).  It was a wonderful day and we owe a special thank you to Char.  I can officially say you tired me out.