Santa Claus came to Ramona and we have proof!  He left footprints.  What a magical thing to wake up to on Christmas morning.  We are all still wondering how he tip-toed by my air mattress.  But then again those pomegranate martinis made mommy a bit of a hard sleeper. 

TWB_7598a TWB_7600a

He left so many goodies for everyone and even left a candy cane in grandpa's stocking instead of sticks and coal.  Grandpa must have been a good boy!

TWB_7610a TWB_7614a

Of course the kidlets arose at 5:30 am and acted as a snooze alarm for me.  Every fifteen minutes they kept bouncing on my mattress in the living room to let me know Santa had come.  Finally I reluctantly gave up and got up at 6:30 am and told them to wake up grandma and grandpa so the unwrapping could begin.

Xmas_Morning copy

Santa must have hit the Apple store on the way because the big gifts were iPod Touch (Tyler) and iPod Shuffles (twins).  Santa was good to everyone and we felt blessed to be around the tree together watching the kids have so much fun.  Thank you Santa!

Of course the best gift for this little Mrs. Claus was to crawl back into bed for her Christmas morning nap.