Special thanks to Simple Pleasure and store owner, Cathy for having me back to Simple Pleasures in Colorado Springs this past weekend!  We had three great classes!

Great selection of my stamps on hand!

I have such a great connection with so many of these great people!  So many of them have taken class after class with me and trust me to take them on a creative adventure!  It is great to remember them by face and name.

Please enjoy this slide show of our weekend painting together HERE! I look forward to next year already!!!

and best way to cap it off is with these two…..(and B.C. too!)

Thank you to everyone who was part of this amazing weekend!  Thanks too to DecoArt, Inc, Dynasty Brush and Dare 2b Artzy!

Look closely at the journey of anyone you admire. I guarantee that most of the small things that led them to being called “cool” first earned them the label of “crazy.”  And that’s great news for you and me. We now get to be cool with being called crazy, and know it is simply part of the process when we’re trying to put a positive dent in this giant spinning rock.  Nobody who changed history followed all the rules. What crazy ideas do you have that the world needs to experience?