I am not known for my culinary skills and something like a Thanksgiving meal can be very daunting for someone like me.  But this morning I strapped on the Martha Stewart hairstyle, an apron and went at it bright and early.  I had thawed the big bird and was ready to season, baste and bag that baby up for an afternoon of cooking.  So with my June Cleaver flowing dress, my basting brush, my Martha hair & full make-up I set out to make the perfect turkey. 

Ok, so truthfully I was un-showered, did not brush my teeth, nor comb my hair and was wearing a old t-shirt and sweat pants but I did have aspirations to wake up early (is 10 am early??).  Regardless, I followed the instructions and found the little bag with the "spare parts" in the inside of the turkey and carefully removed it.  WIth my two assistants we prepped, seasoned and put that baby in a cooking bag.  That was not hard.


Then mid afternoon we tackled the rest of the preparations.  Each of us were responsible for a dish or two.  Micky was on biscuits and green beans.  Joey did the sweet potatoes.  Tyler had fresh apple pie and mashed potatoes.  I was in charge of over-seeing the operation, cooking the Big Bird and gravy along with clean-up. 

Thanksgiving copy

I have to say that we pulled it off with only two minor incidents.  First, I burned my hand which is not a big surprise.  Second, I removed bag #1 with the spare parts but no one warned me there were TWO separate bags inside the bird!  I managed to cook the big bird with a bit of extra stuff in there.  Boy was I surprised to find that!  I guess my Martha Stewart skills need to be brushed up on. 

All in all it was a GREAT holiday!  We sat down and listed all were thankful for but for me it was all right there at the table. 


So after preparing that meal ALL DAY, it literally took us 7.9 minutes to eat it.  I swear it was the fastest dinner in history!  This is why I could not be a chef.  Watching people eat my artwork in 12 minutes and then it is gone is way too much.  I will stick to working with paper and photographs that gives years of enjoyment. 

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday.  Bring on Christmas now!  I am ready and Martha better watch out because I have a few new tricks up my sleeves.