Art is a funny thing….it is so in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone likes the same type of art or music.  For so long I created what I thought others wanted to see or what would get published.  For a very long time I lost the meaning of what I was actually creating.  In some ways I hid behind my art.  Without professional training I doubted what I had to contribute to the art world.  In these past few years it has all taken on a new meaning for me….I stand up for it instead of behind it…and strangely when I started to share that it came back to me tenfold!

By not doubing myself (well I still do that!) and just putting myself out there a little more, this year I have learned one of the greatest feelings is having someone tell you that something you did inspired them.  When I receive emails or messages about that it fills me up.  I just want to tell them how how that just keeps me going!

Like this email from Trudy Sjolander:

Hi Tracy…I didn't exactly use the project from last night as my inspiration for this card but I did use lots of things I have seen from your work. You inspired me to just write out the sentiment without thinking too much about it. I didn't worry about placement or even if it was straight. I have been loving your heart projects too!…" ~True


and this one from Renee Aslette:

"Hi Tracy, Please find attached the canvas I made after I was inspired by your Heart Canvas.  I am going to hang this up in my scrapping room. The Sky is the Limit – Anything is Possible. … This is the first time i have tried anything that didn’t involve a scrapbooking page. Probably not perfect but it means alot to me.  Hope you like it.  I had a heap of fun….Your lessons on UStream make me smile, and feel like part of a family.  I was only showing a friend yesterday a re-run of the decoupage canvas you did and how amazing that canvas turned out and you hadn’t even planned it!!! I am now thinking lots of different things for canvas!!!  Might do something for the boys rooms.  I would have never done that before…Thanks again…" ~Renee Aslette



and Sandee Setliff sent this….

"here's a picture of my mini album cover you helped to inspire and the link to the blog post 🙂 Hope you like it :)" ~sandee


It is so great that you made an impression in some small way for a person to create something!  They don't realize the impact they have on me by emailing me!  It reminds me that inspiration is truly catchy and something I want to keep passing on!  That just may be my small contribution to the art world….small but mighty in my little world.

What a feeling!!


"Art Washes from the Soul the dust of every day life" ~Unknown