Good-bye summer………hello Soccer.  Yes, if you are looking for us we are dedicating our lives to the soccer ball for the next few months.  That means practices 3-4 days a week and our Saturdays are spent in the sun watching the boys (ask Micky how much she loves that). 

First game for both the boys was two weeks ago and Mom dragged her camera out to capture her two goalies.  Of course Joey's games fall in the lovely hours between 8 and 10 am.

Joey_Soccer copy

While Tyler has games anywhere from 2 to 6 pm.  (the people who do the scheduling obviously have it out for me)

Tyler_Soccer copy

I have to admit that I don't totally embrace soccer but have equated it to hockey on grass so that gives me some peace.  But I do enjoy watching the boys play.  I also have an affinity to watching the parents particularly at Joey's level.  They are a bunch of hyped up crazies yelling at their kids.  Thinking I need to bring out the flip video for some of that action.  I am too busy with the camera I guess to sound off like a nut job (says the nut job who holds a 50 foot lens).  They are only 8 ya know.  The best part is Joey's team name "The Other Team" so when we are rooting our team on we so "Go Other Team!".  Now who sounds like a bunch of nut jobs!


The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle.  ~Author Unknown