Today I was down by the beach and decided to pull my camera out.  Everyone loves the beach when it is hot and sunny but it is vacant when it is cold and rainy.  I had hoped to walk along the beach but secretly when it started to rain I was thankful I did not need to exercise.  It was still beautiful.
_TWB3809 _TWB3814  
_TWB3824 _TWB3829

Then I went over to the glider port to see if any hand-gliders were out but it was too windy.  There was one crazy nut up there but everyone else was looking at him as if he were a nut.  The rain chased me away but it was fun to be hanging out with my camera.  I wish I had my other lens with me but this would do for the brief time I could be there before the rain came in
_TWB3831 _TWB3845 
_TWB3839 _TWB3842 
PC131146 PC131147

55 degrees and oh so windy!  I definitely need to get back there when the sun is shining and they are flying. 

I came home and a cold, rainy night like this called for hot chocolate………..
_TWB3854  _TWB3850 

Sunday is all about the gingerbread houses……..have a great weekend.  Stay warm and dry.