Sounds crazy but then again what do you expect with me.  I am working on a very big project and it is so what I love to do.  It is the root of my being and feels good to just go back to album planning, Paintbrush-scissors-and-gluelayout designing and gluing photos and whatnot to a page.  The hardest part is always committing to the first page but once I got that under my belt it felt good to just dig in.  The magnitude of this album has me nervous and cautious but I have to remember why I was hired in the first place…….my creativity.  That is why this project found me.  So for the next few weeks I will be picking out the glue (Helmar Adhesives of course!) from under my fingernails and loving every second of it.  My studio looks like a tornado hit it as there is paper, embellishments, art supplies and stuff just about everywhere (have to shoot a photo of it) on every available flat surface.  It is who I am and where I am happiest. 

Gee, does that spark your interest yet?  Details to come.  This is one of those projects you feel is too good to be true until it is signed, sealed and delivered.  I have had a few in my lifetime and when they come about I want to pinch myself but the creative process is what it is all about for me. 

I also have four hidden boxes of Girl Scouts Cookies to keep me going.  Gotta have those!