Yesterday I got an email that moved me to think (I love when that happens!)……..

"Tracy, I love you work and read your blog faithfully! ………..I would love to know how you evolved into this wonderful career.   I envy you!  Thank you!"  ~ Dawn P

 I did not really know how to answer that as that road has been long, broken, AND…………………ever evolving (great word).  I am not there yet!  I have so much more to go.  So many dreams to make happen, so much to share and who am I to even answer such a question…

I will try…..I started out by getting an education.  My parents said "you can do whatever you would like with a basis of education" (thanks Mom & Dad!).  Little did I know how valuable that would be.  I worked in corporate Construction America with my degree. I moved across the country, got married, had kids, hit some bumps, divorced, and inside there was a calling that was much larger. 

I was creative, that I knew.  I could paint, draw, build doll houses (ok, that one is half done in the attic), scrapbook, art journal, watercolor, color in a coloring book, fold paper into crazy paper airplanes that can sour through the sky, needlepoint (not sew nor cook!), and once I quit my job to raise those kids and twins in my belly I knew that there was something creative in my future.  I knocked on doors, got published in magazines and followed along the creative industry.  I got lost in it…lost in comparing myself to others I envied.  Felt I was not good enough…

Owned/sold a business, started another and never lost sight of my main job of being a Mom.  I feel like every adventure, every person I met, every lesson or wrong/right turn I made was/is practice for what I am meant to be doing (yet to be determined LOL!).  I decided to step back from it all, create things for me, share who I was, share what I love and walk my own path (which seems to twist and spiral out of control every two minutes).  No more designing projects for company after company but for me and because I love the products/company.  Speaking my truth and strengthening my own creative muscles.  It is ever-evoloving.  Scary. 

In a nutsell, that is how I do it daily.  I share what I love.  My friend Yvonne sent this to me and said it reminded her of me……

I looked at it and said "really".  Who is this person who is now not afraid to put her art on a card and mail it out (well that is after I self critique it).  It was just a few short years ago someone said "I had no idea you were creative".  Hello!  I laugh loudly, joke like crazy and live so out loud but yet the one thing I was most passionate about I was hiding! 

So now I put stamps on those cards, share every Monday LIVE via the internet to whoever will listen (yet I am terrified of public speaking).  I will fly to Texas and teach a room full of creative people (and sweat like crazy until I start talking).  I will Laugh out lout and no one will ever say "do you have to be that loud"………YEP!  I DO! 


That is how I evolved….as for the career….that just kind of comes along with me.  Every day I am thankful and grateful for the life lessons (tough times) and being in the moment.  Evolve is the perfect word to use.  I thank you Dawn for that question and allowing me to share.  Thanks for visiting my Journal Lived Out Loud I like to call my Blog.  This place started as a place to keep my parents in the know of their grandkids and became my voice….little voice but yet stronger then I ever imagined. 

Ever evolving and sharing as I go along.



I do know this…I knocked on lots of doors, was not afraid to go for it (or did not let the fear win) and I listened.  What you put out you do get back so I try every day to put out the positive.  And, as an Artist I am always trying to take what I learn and evolve it into my style. I just love the word that Dawn gave me…Evolve:


 Thank you Dawn!  And always thanks to those who pushed me along.  Just going to get a lot louder!  I hope in return I inspire others to do the same.  


"There is freedom in admitting that you don’t know something
as that allows for a new learning experience to emerge."