If there is one place I love it is the Farmer's Market……..Little Italy, my inspiration home away from home.  One place I can go to and I love the sights, sounds and colors.  This past Saturday was a chance to take in the gem of Little Italy with friends…….

The colors!



The beautiful flowers!



and friends……..



ok, what I love about that those pictures.  First off, the girls had not seen one another in two years and they show up in the same shirts!  Plus how special…Mothers and Godmothers to these two girls.  Very cool.  


Great to see my friend Cheryl who was visiting from Virginia too!  



A day needed to fuel my creative soul and again appreciate this fine City we live in…….


"Stopping worry, like everything else takes practice; the more you do it, the better you will become at discerning when you are no longer controlling your thoughts and they are controlling you.  To jolt yourself out of worry, ask yourself what you can do “right now” to make your life more pleasant and then do that!"