Dsc_8962 I keep saying we are going to rest but today we made our way via mapquest to the Dallas Central Library.  It is huge. We had hoped for a tour but no willing tour guides on hand.  Oh well, I invented my own tour and we still saw the Shakespeare First Folio and the Declaration of Independence.  Very interesting.  Kids are now reading in the huge 2nd floor kids section. This place has eight floors!

Yesterday was fun as well.  We met a friend of mine, Joana and her 6 month old daughter Nyssa at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.  It rained the whole way and it was doubtful we would be able to see the gardens but a ray of sunshine and clearing hit just as we got there.  It was gorgeous and I can see why Joana does a lot of her professional weddings shoots there (it was fun handing off my camera to a professional).   We got lots of great pictures and Tyler took my old camera to take his own pictures.  I was impressed with his angles and the variety of shots he took.  I will be using lots of them in my scrapbook because I was busy catching up with Joana.  It was a nice stroll in a very picturesque place.  We then headed out because the kids clearly had had enough so we searched for a Chik-fil-A.  It was a bit of a hunt but we found one in a mall.  I was happy to get that for the kids but even more happy there was a Snappy Salad right next door.   My first salad in five days.  It was good!

We then took a trip up another freeway to see Char at Scrapbook Warehouse.  She had been busy all day and I love seeing her completed pages.  I really enjoy talking to her and mingling that with scrapbook shopping is icing on the cake.  I am sorry to say I was not impressed with the inventory but impressed with the size of the store.  The days are behind us of the booming scrapbook stores.  On-line stores have taken a bite out of the local stores. 

We then returned to see Pete and his buddy at happy hour.  Too exhausted to eat out he got us food from WhataBurger.  The name alone made me want to try it.Dsc_9013  I am sick of beef (sorry Texas) and of eating out.

OK, kids are still reading and I need to study the map for our next adventure.  Excuse the typo’s.  My proofreader (Pete) does not read this until later.

Up-date 8:30 PM—-  Lunch was at Steak ‘n Shake.  Tyler and I got a little silly by taking photos of me and my rental car. This car is like driving a boat.  I feel like I should be 80 years old, retired in Boca Raton LOL.  My dream car is a Mustang but this Grand Marquis is a close second.