While most days this is how Penny passes her time…..

TWB_0330aWe decided to take Penny out for the day and take her to her first dog park.  Now please understand the last place I ever thought I would find myself is a dog park but for her it would be fun. 

Now she may not be the smartest dog but she does get props for being the sweetest and the fastest.


We were all laughing at all the other dogs sitting, fetching and weaving baskets while ours ran as if she never ran.  We brought a ball but she had no interest in the whole bringing it back part.  She is great at playing chase though!

She just wore herself out!

We enjoyed a picnic while she ran herself silly.  Not a bad way to spend a weekend afternoon.  Needless to say she spent the rest of the afternoon in a deep nap.  If we could all live life like Penny does! 


“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” ~Joseph Campbell