So for the last 7 years or so I have made my parents an album of the year's events and given it to them at Christmas.  Last year I started the album but unfortunately had to give it to them incomplete.  I was going to finish it and mail it to them but project after project got in the way and it remained undone.  So this is the tackiest regift of all time……….tonight I finally finished the album from last year!  Here are the last few layouts. 
Thank_You The Cover Page
Christmas_Memories Ice_Skating  
_TWB4834 Phew… ..Album Complete 

So tomorrow morning this album will be sitting under the tree (unwrapped this time).  Completing these layouts reminded me that this is what I enjoy doing.  It feels good to complete it and have included everything in it that I wanted.  So who is keeping track I am one year behind?  But this does take the cake for me on re-gifting.