Some of my craziest ideas have been my most fun ones and I am going to fly with this next one.  Literally…Ok, may be not literally!  How many times have you woke up and wished this was the case…


As a Mom, Artist, Friend, Business Owner, and basic juggler of everything in life there are days my feet hit the ground running and I wish I had a cape. So this weekend I bought just that………a cape (who else goes to a pumpkin patch and buys a cape and loses her sunglasses??)!


So with this cape I feel like I can conquer the day, my work, the kids, make a great meal, paint my next masterpiece and inspire others.  Ok, so I hung it up in my studio as a reminder that I don't need to listen to those negative voices in my head and remember:

  1. You define you and no
    one else
  2. You got it!  The talent, the passion and all the tools to
    make it happen.
  3. Perfection is impossible
    and so not worth it
  4. Let go of those negative
  5. Let go of the past….it
    made you who are you but does not define you.
  6. Be proud of who you
    are…You are uniquely you!
  7. Challenges and obstacles
    are life lessons that do reveal themselves
  8. Get over it and forgive.
  9. You are doing the best
    you can right now with the knowledge you have on hand.
  10. Let it Go….

It is not always easy to practice what I preach but with this cape as a reminder I am doing the best I can, imperfect and all!.  

So this is where you come in.  I want to pass this cape along to all who need a reminder of how strong you are!  This cape is going on an adventure along with a journal.  In order to participate you will need to photograph yourself in the cape, sign/date the cape……and write a journal page (nothing too complicated, keep it SIMPLE and imperfect) and then send it along to the next person.  I want to see where this cape heads off to.  

You will need to be a participating member of my Facebook Group HERE so feel free to join us:  You will need to leave a comment on the group so I can message you and gather a list/addresses (international participation pending however I will try to find a way that you can participate!).  I want this to be fun and simple.  At some point it will come back to me sporadicaly so I can share it's adventures with everyone.  

Who is in the Great Creative Cape Escape?  With this cape comes great wisdom, creativity and fun (and a bonus to whoever spots those darn sunglasses!)  Time to fly my friends!  You never know where it will take you unless you try!

"You are whole and complete, and were gifted every talent and insight you needed to thrive in this world in the moment you were born.  Your only job is to accept this truth and then allow it to unfold.  Some gifts don’t become apparent until later in life.  Some insights only become clear to you once you have life experiences that unlock such wisdom from within you.  Trust in this and relax." ~Marc & Angel