One part of the trip that meant a lot to me was seeing my grandma…the kid's 97 year old great grandma.  Just seeing the joy in your eyes and the hugs and kisses she gave her great grand children filled my heart……

She is rightfully proud of bringing (with my grandpa) her three kids to the USA and putting them through a private school.  She worked herself to make that possible.  Hearing her stories and realizing that no matter what you go through in your life when you get to 97 years old what matters most is God and her family.  Not one time did I hear her mention the little things……..she repeats her stories, cannot remember things but what she talks about is the love of her family. 

Plus the entire time we sat there she kept looking at me and telling me how beautiful I am.  Who does not like to hear that over 75 times!  The kids kept laughing.  It is easy to see why this grandma is such a good one…

So many hugs and kisses that day……

I am proud to be part of these four generations…Great Grandma, Grandma, Daughter and Granddaughter

My grandma and my mom have given me a wonderful gift……..the gift of family and never taking that for granted.  I want my mom to know that right now.  I told my grandma the same.  I pray I pass that save gift on to my daughter.  I do know that as the generations they get taller and stronger and that little woman on the left is the strongest.  

I love you Grandma……..thank you.


"In life, you get what you put in.  Everything comes back around." ~Unknown