This blog post is brought to you with "The Boys are Back in Town" song playing in the background (click for the rhythm but please change the words to "The Kids are Back in School".  Yes, now you get the feeling.  It is a happy, joyous feeling.  So now that we have that song dancing through our heads let me continue…..

The first day of school brings a lot of excitement to the house.  Lunches are made the night before, scary looking clothes ghosts like this are about……


 and then of course the twin of that scary clothes ghost appears in the next room…….


I could not wait to see the owners of those clothes hop into them the next morning.  They are up early and  ready and anxious.  I now have an 8th grader and (2) 3rd graders!  Oh how time flies.  Of course those third graders posed pictures but the 8th grader was not as thrilled.  He actually had the nerve to tell me that this was the last year of "first day of school" pictures.  Oh what a silly man I have raised…… I will not be in the bushes like the paparazzi for high school. 

First_Day copy

The quote of the day. 

Mom:  "Tyler how was school"
Tyler:  "Great"
Mom:  "That is good to hear"
Tyler"  "Don't get too excited Mom, by next week that will get real old".

That is the spirit kid! 

Needless to say that the new pep in my step is due to the start of school.  I stood among those anxious and nervous moms at the school and before the teacher could even say "Bye Moms and Dad" I was on my way out.  My kids are happy and so is this mommy!  So this mommy hit the bagel shop with the other happy mommies!


Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves.  ~Abbé Dimnet, Art of Thinking, 1928