If you would have told me that this week I would visit The World Famous Magic Castle I would have laughed.  Before this week I did not even know what that was.  But I was invited to this private club with friends and could not pass it up.  I had to be in Los Angeles so this worked out to meet with friends and see what this magical place is all about.  

It is in Hollywood and this is what you see when you get there…..


Our party for Jim's birthday…..


The girl's all dolled up…


This is a far as you can go taking photos.  There are NO photos inside and a very strict dress code:


It was pretty darn cool!  So much history and amazing performers who had been there like Johnny Carson, Tony Curtis and Cary Grant.  Read more about it HERE.  Tons of photos on the wall and history of Hollywood.  Here is who we saw perform:


I have to say that it was fun to get all dressed up for a great dinner with some fun people!  (of course, Susan and I snuck photos in the bathroom!)


 Thanks so much Susan for the invite and to Jim, Debbie, Todd & Rachel…..an experience I will not soon forget!  Love our adventures Susan!

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