I want to share the photoshoot from last October for Creative Spaces 2 with Kelly of Lotofoto.  The great thing about working with someone who knows you so well is she so knows how to capture who I am and my (crazy) personality….

CK Mag -7992-PS-rs

CK Mag -7987-PS

CK Mag -8036-PS

Some other studio shots…

CK Mag -7965-PS

CK Mag -8018-PS

Studio Space2-8265-PS


So great to share this with my best friend who is such an amazing artist..




Thank you Friend……..it was an exchausting couple of days not to mention your phenomenal editting skills.  I so appreciate it. ♥


Now if you want to know the truth about photographing a working studio that I really do paint in and making it "photo ready"………this is where all the "extra stuff" goes…



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