ManDsc_9292_3Dsc_9322_2 it sure is raining. I guess record amounts are falling.  Today we leisurely got up and we met up with another on-line scrapbooking friend, Gayla. She treated us to lunch at Benihana’s.  It was fabulous.  The food was great and even better was watching the chef prepare it.  Gayla was a gem.  Pete says I am the only one he knows who could travel to 50 different states and know someone in each place.  That may be just be true.  

Pete was done early and I even got a nice nap in.   I have missed my beloved naps.  We continued our international dining by eating at a Puerto Rican restaurant called Isla Taina.  It was a nice family owned restaurant. 

Tomorrow is the last day of our vacation.I am ready to go home.  I miss my pillows, bed and most of all my scrapbook studio.