That about sums it up.  OK, so maybe there is more but for today that is my mantra.  I started my day by dropping off the kids at school or as Kelly so termed it the "Plop & Peel".  You ‘Plop" them off and "Peel" out of that school as fast as possible.  I am working on perfecting it instead of being in the school all the time volunteering.  I put on my walking vest with 8 lbs (which is almost equivalent to just strapping Kelly on my back). We hiked up the mountain at a fast pace because we had places to go and friends to see.  Officialsexinthecitythemovieposter

And by friends I mean Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte from Sex and the City.  Yep, we saw the movie today and I loved it!  It was like seeing four old friends who I had missed dearly.  The movie was great and such a ‘chick flick’.  I saw it with five friends and this is the only way to see it. 

You know as I sat there and watched these friends on the big screen I realized the importance of having good friends in my life.  For a girl that is paramount and I relish in my friendships.  I love the talk, the laughter, and sometimes even the tears if need be.  We are women and we need friends!  To my good friends (you know who you are, and if you do not then you probably are not on the list ;0)……I feel blessed to have you in my life and I hope I show that to you.

And by the way, I am really regretting that soda (or for my Michigan friends "Pop") I drank.  I have not had one in over four years!  I hope this does not mean I am back on the wagon.  It did taste really good with that buttered popcorn.  Man, I am glad I started this day with a hike.  Aren’t you glad we did that Kelly?  Kelly?  Kelly!…oh crud, she may still be at the top giving me that dirty look she always gives me when I say "Isn’t this great?".  I seriously need to get a picture of that look.