There are lots of senses involved when you have a teenager: sight, sound, and smell.  This week Ty was off to a cruise in the San Diego Harbor for school and as he was getting ready I was taking it all in…the senses that is. 

The sound of his Ipod blaring out the rap music as he was getting ready.  The steam on the mirrors from the 30 minute shower.  The smell wafting around the house from a combination of scents..


The sight of my teenage son………..who is now taller than me….


Seeing these four together still since elementary school……..


Then the sounds in the car of driving four teenagers to the school and listening to them laugh, turn up the music loud, and whisper as if I never was a teenager. 


It was great seeing them off and maybe I was just beaming a little bit in that moment as I watched them walk away.

As for me, the mom….I was weirdly content ironing his shirt, watching him go nuts looking for his misplaced wallet and taking it all in.  Just another day as a teenage mom.  Can't help but feel a little meloncholy with how time flies.  It wont be forever those sounds, sights and smells will be in this house……however that Axe aroma just may be.

 All makes me realize I need to take in these moments and take in all the senses that come with it…….


"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children.  One is roots.  The other is wings."  ~Hodding Carter, Jr.