Somewhere along the way this past month I had lost the spirit of Christmas.  Sure I did the necessary steps to bring it together like the decorating, the shopping, the cards, etc. but in my heart that spirit was lost in all that hustle.  There was an emptiness that came from all those tasks along with balancing life, kids, work…

I did get all those things done.  We made the cookies, the gingerbread houses…and I dug deep for that spirit.  I know the holidays are tough and this year seemed a little tougher.  But then things came from the baking of the cookies, the fights over the gingerbread walls, the wrapping, the hassles………

I found something and it came from some beautifully songs at Church on Christmas Eve……..

….from my parents being here

…..from notes that 9 year old Joey wrote to each person in the family and read them to each of us….

… was the story behind this TV that Mark mastered a plan on Black Friday to sneak it in the car while we were with Tyler and he never knew he was driving around with his gift.  (thanks Mark)

……It was the chili pepper ornaments with sombraros that Joey gave to Grandpa (and told Grandma she was going to get one but he noticed there were mustaches on the sombraro wearing chili peppers).

……..It came from the ring holder that Micky picked out for Grandma and the picture she painted

…It came from the family

…….It came from the hugs and kisses from the kids for "the perfect" things like this electric shaver for Tyler..

…It came from the conversation I had with Tyler about Santa.  The jig is up for him but he said it was not until this year he knew because of "how special you make it mom and it is magical mom even now that I know because everything you do".  And he confirmed he was seeking out all my hiding spots…I still got it.

….It came from looking back after all was unwrapped and taking in the moment.

So what was the thing I was seeking…… was the Christmas Spirit and that was my greatest gift ever for me.  Yes, it was not perfect and there a couple of people greatly missed.  But it was special and what I needed to fill my heart with the Spirit. 

It wasn't from a gift.  It was from the gifts all around me.  I was thankful I could pick up my camera and capture those things because words just don't do justice..

Peace, Love and Joy for the New Year………


"It came without ribbons, It came without tags, It came without packages, boxes, or bags. Christmas can't be bought from a store… Maybe Christmas means a little bit more." ~ Dr. Seuss