Thanksgiving is behind us and yesterday we sprung into the holiday spirit.  We decided to put the Christmas tree up and get with the spirit.  Tyler and I tinseled and beaded and then the kids went at it with decorations.  I always enjoy sitting there watching them decorate the lower half of the tree. 

TWB_6576a  TWB_6582a

No pics of the 12 year old but he was there with his elf ears.  So here she is in all her glory adorning our living room. 

I love telling them stories behind all the ornaments, watching them fight over who hangs what ornaments and picking up broken pieces of ornaments (only two lost this year), watching Tyler play director because he knows where every ornament should be placed (after-all he is the seasoned veteran in the family).  I am telling you, all that arguing just gets you in the spirit.  Meanwhile I just sit back and watch the holiday mayhem and swell in pride of these three kidlets.

Of course our tree has ornaments of every kind.  Homemade ones…

Family ones….

Boring store bought bulbs…

Our personal favorites…

Ones that represent our own unique personalities….

and some that just reflect us….

I am proud to show off our Christmas tree this year.


This is a tad early for me so please don't be surprised when my OCD kicks in and in a week or so I want that baby down.  But for now we will just take in all it's beauty.