_twb9902_2Do you ever have one of those days where whatever you touch seems to give you a hard time?  Today was one hassle after another but as usual I took it with a smile and made the best of it.  Along with some hassles at work, a quick trip to the gym (cut short because I had to come right home and meet drywaller), insurance issues, and meetings with drywall contractors all day, I did a lot wheel spinning with no forward motion.  Very aggravating!

I was thankful that Wednesday is the one day we don’t have one sporting activity.  I literally had to take a second to calm down and smell the Pine Sol (versus the roses).  Little known fact but I LOVE the smell of Pine Sol and it is a familiar scent in this house.  Just ask anyone who happens to stop by!   

So when you have one of those days I highly recommend you grab that bottle of Pine Sol and take a whiff.  Ok, maybe buying those roses is a much better idea and they look prettier on you counter than a bottle of Pine Sol.

Tomorrow is our second annual Back-To-School Kayak trip.  I could use some time on the ocean taking in the ocean air.  That may be a bit better for me.