NOT MINE!  Julie and Curt bring baby Jaden tomorrow. We are all excited to pick them up from the airport tomorrow.  It will be fun to see how the kids react to a baby in the house.  Joey already informed me he is not giving up his bed and that he is still my baby.  I can only scratch his back (Joey is a sucker for a good back ‘cratching’ as he likes to call it).  Joey is like a little dog marking his territory.  Micky is ready to play Mommy.  She came in today with folded blankets and said the baby could use them.  How sweet.  As for Tyler he is just waiting for his buddy, Curt to play video games. 

What I am excited about?  Seeing one of my closest friends in a whole new role.  Julie and I have been friends since collage and along the way we have been co-workers, roommates,Dsc_4533_3 party-buddies, long distance friends, Bridesmaids, Godmothers and now Mothers.  The journey has been fun.  She is a friend I could not see or talk to for 8 months and then put us in a room together and it is like we were never apart. 

I have lots of new projects that I am working on so stay tuned….in the meantime good night.  I just took pictures of Micky sleeping.  A nice sweet way to end the day.  Pretty in pink and purple.