The end of spring break is upon us.  Next week we are back to the hub bub of school and associated activities.  Dsc_5525In the meantime I have been busy creating lots of new things including this Friendship Frame of Micky and her friend.  I created this "Mom" altered serving tray for Buttons Galore.  Dsc_5532There are lots of details to see on these projects so click on the links to take a peek. 

Tomorrow should be a busy day.  I may need a few prayers for my sanity as I will have nine kids here at the house.  I am watching 6 kids (my two friend’s kids).  So I will have (3) nine year old boys, (1) seven year old boy, (1) six year old boy, (1) five yr old boy, (1) five yr old girl, (1) four yr old girl, and last but not least (1) 3 year old boy.  It should be a fun-filled afternoon.  We actually bought cake stuff to make a cake for Nick’s birthday.  For those that know me baking is certainly not in my repertoire so this could get good.  I am no Mrs. Cleaver.  I can just hear that smoke-detector going off now.  I am so glad I can do this for my two friends so they can enjoy some time with their guys.  Have fun girls.  If you show up tomorrow and I am tied to a chair and the kids are all breathing then I did a good job.  Heck I will be lucky if I am still breathing.