There are days that it takes everything in me to come up with what I am thankful for.  Days when things just go wrong, health scares in your family, rough day with kids  and you shrug off those reasons to be grateful.  Of course there are always the obvious ones….my kids, my family, health, freedom, etc. which are important.  For me this gratitude journal is about digging deep and truly being grateful.  And face it, there are those times when things are rough, challenges arise, and you have to dig deep to find what you truly are thankful for.   

I dedicate today's entry to those kind of days when breathing, a pretty flower, or a walk is something to be thankful for.  There are days when really listening and learning something about yourself that you may have not wanted to face is something.  I dedicate today's page to facing your fears, who you are ……learning and hope.



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TWB_7538aOn those rough days there is always something to be thankful for…..even if it is just accepting that we are a work in progress.

I want to say Happy 96th Birthday to my Grandma who I love and adore! and…..healing hugs to my Uncle who is recovering from heart surgery.  Sure wish I was closer to be with everyone!


"when diverstiy hits our lives, sometimes we feel like we have been thrown into a hurricane, spun around, shaken up and spit back out in the world, stripped of what was before, confused, lost, and afraid about what lies ahead…giving back in gratitude is more important than ever". ~ Nina Lessowitz