There are times I wish I owned a tape recorder and a muzzle.  Let’s talk about the tape recorder.  When you have two kids of the same age they talk a lot to one another and their "facts" are so tweaked and funny.  I wish so many times that I had a recorder in the car to capture their interactions.  Only Joey can make Micky giggle in a way that I have never heard.  Today they were making beaded necklaces and this is what I caught:

M:  I can marry Dad
J:  No, he will get old.
M:  Then I will marry only you or Tyler.
J:  You cannot marry me.
M:  Why?
J:  Because I’m your brother.
M:  Well, than I will just have to marry Tyler
J:  Fine, do that   (pause)   Can I be your best friend forever?
M:  OkDsc_4171

Ok, that just got me.  I literally typed on my computer as they talked.  Now as for the muzzle.  There are many times those two "Best Friends" go on and on until I can take no more.  You can’t have it all I guess.

So IDsc_4170 mentioned working "out of the box" yesterday well…..this time I worked on the box.  I made this cute Tea Box using the OESD Dream Keeper Kits.  Midway through I thought this project was headed in the wrong direction however the outcome I just love.  Plus I can use this to store all my teas.  I have to say it is fun exploring new mediums.  Pete better watch out or the toilet seat is next.  I can just see me gluing stuff to it next LOL