and that's just what they'll do!  Hmmmm………..a song comes to mind.

One of these days these Ed Hardy boots are going to walk all over you!

The astounding number of emails I received saying I needed to get these boots was overwhelming!  I am so glad (as is my husband) I did not post I wanted to buy a Lear jet as I am sure the support would have been just as crazy.  So I glued a bit faster, booked 3 more photo shoots and with your prodding I went back to the guy who sold me the other pair of boots.  He said he knew I would be back!  Did I really drool that much?

So here they are coming home with me………we talked the whole way and I explained they would take me to some great places.

Then they came into the house and got comfy on my bed.
Pa030828 Pa030829

Then one quick try-on before picking up kids from school (95 degrees outside so I had to explain to them that they must stay home this time).

Here is their first outing… the car Sunday on the way to Outback restaurant.  So who cares that Micky was wearing a tank top and shorts and I had on fur-lined boots.  It was time.

They are not for everybody but they are for me…….oh and the lady at Outback who commented on my "cool" boots. So they are mine. 

Now I must go put them on before the paddy wagon comes to pick me up to take me to the white padded room for talking to a pair of boots.  Welcome home Ed Hardy!