Do you ever feel like that?  Like the balance is just way off and your focus has gone astray and you have to reign it back in?  This past couple of weeks this has hit me and I am going through the motions.  The motions of working, being a mom, spinning those plates and forgetting I cannot do it all.  I have started losing things (keys, purse, sunglasses, just to start the list), forgotting things (appointments, and seeing my calendar is a rainbow of colors!), running out the door losing track of time.  Cramming endless amounts of things in and being proud of it.  Like grocery shopping at 8 pm and coming home dead in my tracks and wanting to fall over.  That USED to be my norm and then I found the balance.  I am out of whack again!  My body is sending me signs of exhaustion, my mind is doing the same.

The things I do to relax like read, write, blog, time in my studio, sand between my toes, trips to Little Italy is the key to my balance.  I know this about myself and there is a fix.  So……….stopping the presses and back to finding that balance.  Letting a few things go (hello, my own words come back to haunt me!) are what make me better at work and as a Mom.


First order of business……accept the changes that are happening.  They are scary little leaps that need to be taken. Make some time to:

  • Write in my journal
  • Read
  • Uninterrupted time with kids.
  • Have tea and return to “A painting a Day” in your watercolor journal
  • One project at a time…just because you can cram grocery shopping in between kids carpooling does not mean you should!
  • Free nights in your Studio.  Time to lock myself in with no cell phone or disturbances.
  • Focus on the positive………there is SO much to be positive about.
  • Make sure to plan a “me” trip…it has been forever since I had some sand between my toes or some wine in Little Italy.

It does not take much to put me back on track.  It takes little time and these are the small things that mean something to me and fill my personal tank.  Today is a start and writing this is first step.  Release, Let it Go, It all comes back in so many great ways.  You may own a cape but there is no need to over use it.  Stress is your kryponite.

Embracing the change……..♥  How do you get things back in balance?

“Take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt.  Don’t be afraid that your days will end in pain, be afraid they will never begin with honesty and love.  Life is too short to let it pass by.  Open your heart and mind and live it to the fullest!”