So today I was chatting with our PTA President about how I had run into her sister on Saturday.  I had run into in front of the store where my car got hit.  I was telling the PTA Pres how my car got hit in that parking lot while I was talking to her sister.  Thankfully I did not say anything rude because come to find out it was her sister’s husband who hit my truck!  This only happens to my that I am 45 minutes from my house shopping in a strange place and run into one person I know and that one person happens to be the one that I get tangled with.  This is so me and why I don’t make a good liar.  This also goes to show you always want to keep your cool even when your car is getting hit.  I had a good laugh out of that. 

Tonight we got our Skype phone and video working so we chatted live with Grandma and Grandpa on video.  It was so great.  The kids were so excited to see them.  So if anyone uses Skype just let me know.  It has been pretty fun.  My brother gave me a virtual tour of his house.  Made us feel like we were right there.  Golden_delicious

I also delivered my Wedding album today and it went over with a bang.   I was bursting with happiness that she liked it and will be giving it to the bride the first week of November.  I will be waiting on pins and needles until then.  I am thankfully back to my desk for myself and working on some new projects.  I made this layout for Paperwhite Memories and love it.  Kind of fun paper to use with these pictures. 

The twins got their school pictures and I just love them…I think the best one is the ones with them together. 3_31_3   2_5