I have had the honor of being in two photos shoots lately. One I cannot speak of but am bursting to tell and the other was new headshots in my studio. 

I trusted no other photographer to capture the essence of me than my dear friend Kelly of Lotofoto.  It had been 4 years since my last shots in my studio and times are so different.  I wanted new photos of how I feel TODAY.  Who is Tracy now and what is she about….



She is…… 

  • a mom and most proud of that
  • tries to make someone else smile every day
  • imperfect



  • enthusiastic about everything I do
  • makes the best of things
  • forgives and goes easy on herself
  • is happy just being in the moment…breathing



  • open to learning new things all the time
  • knows the value of her amazing friends & family and does not take that for granted!
  • Says “yes” to spontaneous opportunities
  • living life with gratitude!


How does someone capture THAT in a photo?  A true friend does that……..she did.  I thank her! ♥

I also thank those who said I have that sparkle.  I feel it too. I call that living life to it's fullest…..for that I am grateful!


"Life is short.  If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do something that matters to you, that moment is now."