"I have tile yes I do, I have Tile how ’bout you?"  Imagine me singing that Dsc_1001and doing the happy dance (on my new tile).  They finished laying it today and just have to come back to tack down the carpet.  It looks great and I am thrilled to have it in the bathrooms.  I have been home all day and it is driving me nuts but at least one more thing is done. 

I am still holding out hope that I can workout today.  One more day of inactivity and I may go nuts (OK, more nuts than I already am).  Maybe I can make that spinning class tonight.  One can always hope.  Now I am just sitting here waiting for the counter people to measure.  I feel like waiting is all I do lately.  The two week countdown starts today for sink and countertops and trust me I will be riding them on that date.