Time to post something.  Don’t have much to say other than I have about 45 balls juggling in the air at one time.  Gotta love that.  I find that I work much better when I have lots to do.  I am doing some side jobs and I got hired to do a wedding album for a friend of mine.  Doing a wedding album is a delicate and important manner and I am working very hard on it.  It needs to be done by the end of this month and with the remodel starting next week I am really feeling the pressure to get it done in case I have down time with the painting starting.  I actually have two more albums on deck!  This is the way I always wanted it but not sure I can charge enough for the services I provide.  I put so much of myself into each project and want to please that customer.  Hoping that this wedding album is a homerun.

Today I had a great workout with another girl in the gym.  We decided to switch it up a bit and workout together to motivate one another.  I burned over 550 calories and that included finishing my workout with a one mile run.  I did not even stop!  I could have gone further.  We are talking about doing a 5k together but not sure when I can fit that in.  Just another ball to juggle.  Tomorrow I will be taking my friend’s spinning class and that is a rear-end kicker!  She is great.  Gotta drop that last 10 lbs somehow!

Ok, back to scrapping that wedding.  Thankfully the pictures are beautiful and in order to tell a wonderful story.  Hoping I can unload a few of these balls soon but the remodel is coming up.