OK, here is another Mommy tip.  If you want a clean house, your laundry taken out, your dishes done, a moped floor and you have kids than I have a tip for you.  Get those pens and paper handy again……..All you have to do is call every Wal-Mart from here to Michigan, get into your car without brushing your teeth or putting on make-up and speed down there.  Yep, we found one of the last known Wii’s in our County and brought it home by 10:00 am.  But in order to play I told the kids that all the cleaning had to be done.  I have never seen three kids move faster in my life.  The dishes were put away in one minute, the laundry just sailed outside, their clothes were put away and every last toy was put away. 

Now keep in mind this is not your most economical cleaning.  You could probably hire Molly Maids for much less than the entire tank of gas I wasted and the exorbitant amount of money I paid for the packaged Wii with games but by 10 am we were bowling, playing baseball and tennis.
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Truthfully, I am enjoying this darn thing too.
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Some friends came over to join in the fun.  Can you tell us Moms were into this…..
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So for today I have a clean house and I according to the kids "we are the best parents around".  And the good thing is Tyler’s birthday is done one month early.  Probably by next week the house will be a wreck and they will go back to driving me nuts.  But I will take the smiles in today.

BEWARE OF Wii HANGOVER.  This is what happens after too much Wii………but again, while they are laying still like this they do not make a mess!
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