I am sending out a public service announcement to help mom’s everywhere.  This includes moms of all school age children and those who have yet to enter school.  I want to share my tips for not only surviving a Field Trip but also how to have a great time.  Please have a pen and paper handy for the following tips:

  1. Do not volunteer to be an OFFICIAL chaperone.  Now I am emphasizing the world "official" here.  When you volunteer to go make it clear that you will not be there in official capacity.  So many moms volunteer for the official title.  Let them have it.
  2. Do NOT ride the bus.  Again I emphasize the word "not".  There is nothing worse than a bus ride to anywhere.  Proceed to Tip #3.
  3. Carpool with two of your best friends.  This goes without explaining……road tripping anywhere with two great friends is fun no matter where you are going.  Please note, do not thing for a minute that having those two same great friends on the bus will make it ok.  They cannot control noise nor bus-sickness.
  4. Pack a bag for your child and say they are responsible for their stuff.  Basically, they are to pretend you are not there at all.  You are kind of an invisible law enforcement, a deterrent.
  5. When the children bombard you with questions about where and when they are supposed to be refer to Tip #1 and respond "Hey kid, I am not here on official capacity.  Therefore, you will have to ask that tired, haggard looking mom who rode the bus with you".
  6. Last but not least, when the kids pack up and vacate make sure to take advantage of the facilities.  Heck, the kids are gone and the moms should play!

I think that about covers it and I want to tell you this comes from experience.  I have been haggard, tired looking, bus riding Mom.  She is unpleasant! 

I can now tell you about the incredible day we had a "The Wave" water park today.  Basically Janine, Victoria, Kelly and I were "unofficial" chaperones.  This means we had all the benefits of being moms along for the fun but did not have to be with the kids. Not a bad gig if you ask me.  We basically joined our rafts together and floated around and around.  We played on the boogie board wave ride and slid down water slides.  But the best part had to be when the kids all packed up.  Janine, Victoria, and I continued to float as they all walked away with long faces.  We waved with glee then realized that the pesky punks were gone and so were the lines!  Woo hoo open slides, boogie boards and rafts!  We had extra half hour to play.  I have decided that we make the three best non chaparones around.  Our boys were happy to have us there and all the kids hung out with us because we were fun and happy.  So it was win-win for everyone!

I will reluctantly share photos for the cheapo disposable water camera I bought:
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