Dsc_6526I want to take this chance to ask for prayers for my Grandma.  She is a great grandma to me and a Great Grandma to my kids.  Today she fell and fractured some bones.  She is 93 years old……I am beside myself but know that God graces her in so many ways.  He has also graced us with her.  What an amazing woman.  I am so lucky to have her in my life and to be so close to her growing up.  Not everyone knows their grandma but I grew up so close to my grandparents. She is small in stature but big in heart and soul.  I have so much of her in me and am thankful for the love she gives me and my family. 

Tomorrow we find out more details and until then I am a bit on edge.  I leave this in the hand’s of the big man upstairs but my thoughts are 2500 miles away with her. 

I love you Grandma.