Yesterday I shared something I was debated (admiting there are voices in your head is kinda crazy) but I realized I am not alone and talking about it is so great.  These are just some of the comments I got back…..


Janice – What I have learned over the years is this.. what you think is
what you are.. so I always know that I am RICH and GRATEFUL every day when I
first wake up.. I say Thank You… just for being awake.. I don’t allow self
doubt in.. the minute you do.. then the analyzing starts “why this
why that”… things happen in life that are not in your control.. but..
you create the life you want.. be it always in chaos.. or balanced… I focus
on what I want.. not what I DON’T want …..cause both counteract and throw the
Universe into a spin..when you allow and not block.. only the best can happen  …and
you get on a roll that is non stop …never tire of doing what you love!

Lori  Ok, you made me cry. Good, big, happy tears. I love you to
the moon and back. Thank you so much for who you are. I will NEVER be able to
explain to you the positive force you have been in my life. This year has been
tough, but you have held my hand, and when needed, kicked me in the butt. Thank
you for constantly sharing who you are and what happy and sad things are in
your life. All of those things touch so many. HUGS

Janice  sorry.. got carried away.. I just remember back when I was
soooooo in love with soooo many men.. and couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t
settle with any of them… because.. THEY weren’t good enough for me.. not the
other way around… I truly have been blessed and all my experiences
including sad.. have been steps to where I am today.. happy, stable and lots to
do in this chapter! … You are really GREAT at what you do Tracy, and inspire
me to keep going with my art. You have a natural gift of teaching and your
spirit is amazing .. thank you 

Tina  My marching orders to myself after Sunday’s sermon at
church was to be kind on purpose and not tell anyone what I did. I was feeling
like I have not done it yet and the week is waning away. EUREKA! Your RAK’s
reminded me that in spite of my feeling perpetually tired and in pain…that I
did indeed spread love and kindness all week. Shut up- self doubt RIGHT NOW! I
appreciate the little things, so why wouldn’t someone else? DUH spreading love
does not have to big and major? I AM ENOUGH! Thanks for all these posts.

Mary  Thanks for the Coffee
I was wondering what was taking that lady so long. ha ha… 

Yvonne  Those voices can wreak havoc in my life and all too often
I give them the power they SOOOOO do not deserve! I hear ya Lori when you shared
about the good, big happy tears. Tracy’s had that effect on me a few times
these past few months and I agree when you said you’d never be able to put into
words the positive force she’s had. Tracy, you have pushed me to get back into
and continue in my art journey like no one else. I’d pretty much given up on
that part of my life. I felt like there was something HUGE missing and didn’t
know how or where to start to fix it. I’d watch the Ustreams and the YouTube
videos and yearn to do what they were doing but couldn’t muster up the part of
me that could pick up the brush and just use it. I knew what the voices were
doing to my spirit and I also knew I was the only one that could squish their
voices and shut them up…..I’d lost sight of how to even begin to do that.
Tracy, when you started your Let It Go challenge and I sent you that first
email……I can honestly say I had NO IDEA the path I was about to travel
down…..the path you were about to push me down…..and I say push in the most
genuine way, as that IS what I needed. I had NO idea the affect you were about
to have on my life. It was like I was getting ‘permission’ to let things go
that I had been hanging on so tightly to, in a vice grip, for a very long time.
You continue to come to the table and share with us that you too
struggle… too have those inner voices of doubt and criticism. You share
with us your journey, with the ups and downs and help us to realize we too are
not THAT crazy.  Thank you just doesn’t seem to cut it…..Clink my

Sandy  Just been so flat
since my cat went missing.. After reading this Tracy I am off to get my water
colours out and get some paint in that water colour journal.. Hmm think some
flowers are on the agenda..

 Andy  Tracy, you are one amazing person and you have been such a
positive influence in my life. You and your art has gotten me through some of
the hardest years of my life. Things I never imagined I would face but I’ve
made it and you’ve been right there with me even though you had no idea! I can
honestly say “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you”
(Philippians 1:3)

Mary Funny when those thoughts come to me, I sometimes succumb
to them and its hard to get out of that rut. especially since now I’m
unemployed – I’m so in shock! I get depressed because I’ve lost my work family.
Well some of them are still trying to keep in touch. So I paint my positive
thoughts to keep my spirits up. And I so do not like filling out applications.
I don’t even have an interview suit. I’ve been wearing jeans to work for so
long. 14 yrs. arg..h Thank you Tracy and all of my Painting family who keep me
sane by inspiring me with your works of art!

Vicki  Those voices or thoughts can be so overwhelming. Sometimes
I just sit and stare out the window and don’t know why. This group has really
helped me. Tracy you have helped me. I go to my studio everyday now several
times a day. And you know what in that studio (a small little room in the
basement) those thoughts and feelings don’t come in there. I don’t always like
what I am painting or making, and I make a lot of mistakes and start over, but
I have changed my thinking about that too. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Lots
of therapy in art. A lot of therapy in being in touch with good people all day
long. This group and you Tracy give me that. Thank You from the bottom of my


This is what I realize……I am surrounded by so many awesome people in my life.  I am on this awesome path that despite the path I don’t know where I am going it is pretty darn amazing.  As I sat with my friend Mary yesterday after my class I realize that the few things that steer me off path are not worth the thousands other things that keep my on that path.  What a great group of women from my class yesterday at Stamping Details.  I came alive as I always do sharing what I love…


I do have a voice and things to share…….


It just may be that laugh needed in the day but dang I love when those around me are happy……(yet be mindful that some people just have things going on and I cannot please all).  This is what inspires me and keeps me creative.

Sandra  Love
this..great job Tracy. I always leave your presence more than smiling..laughing
hysterically really lol!

So I will share those voices and ignore the noise of the doubting monster in my head! I thank all those who shared with me yesterday!  Now let’s go enjoy this Friday and make the most of our weekend!  I for one have some Friday Night Football to cheer on and a Halloween party to dress up for!  And I need to design my next class!  my last one SOLD OUT!  Cheers!


“You deserve to be happy.  You deserve to live a life you are excited about.  Don’t let others make you forget that.  Don’t play it so safe that you put yourself in situations where none of your potential options satisfy your calling.”