Wow, what a great concert!  From the opening act of Montgomery Gentry to Toby the concert was awesome.  Us four girls (OK, women) had a great time!  Thank you Shelly for inviting us along!
P7110011 P7110012
P7110014 $10 Beers in Hand at the Concert
P7110018 Woo Hoo!   

I do have to say that I feel like I aged the 12 years or so that I have not been to a concert for the following reasons……….

  1. The fashions have changed…wearing a small bandanna as a shirt is acceptable now no matter what it does not cover.
  2. Pink high heel satin boots are in???
  3. $10 per beer!
  4. Beer being spilt on me by those who squeezed past me to buy 20 more beers during the concert annoyed the hell out of me.
  5. Waiting in line for the bathroom with 100 drunk women is no longer fun.  I remember that you really need to be drunk for this to be fun.
  6. All the drunk people (although that was fun to watch).
  7. getting home at 2 am hurts especially when you have three kids.
  8. 1:30 am is no longer an acceptable dining hour.  You will have to work that off at the gym the next day (oh yeah, and the beer too).

So 38 and feeling it but I would not trade it for the world.  I once was one of those bandanna wearing, beer drinking, 2 am hamburger eating girls (OK who am I kidding, I never wore a bandanna).  I was there for the music and loved every note of it.  I sang every word and danced in my seat.  Toby put on a great show! 

Sorry, no sophisticated cameras available but did manage to get some with a point-n-shoot:
P7110096 P7110107 
P7110097 P7110098
P71101082 Shelly after she touched Toby’s Hand
P7110080 P7110065   

Am I paying for it today?  Sure am but not with a hangover, just plain old tired.  Would I do it again…..yep but give me 12 years to recover from this one!  Thank you girls for a great time!