So as my lovely friend Joana brought to my attention in her comment, the blue bonnets are not currently in bloom so I am sticking to Tip-Toeing Through the Tulips…….today I came home from taking the two little kidlets to swim lessons only to find out that the oldest kidlet had cleaned the whole house.  And when I say clean he actually cleaned!

Nothing on the dining room table and kitchen is clean!….
TWB_3212 TWB_3213

Not one Nerf bullet or gun on the floor and those blankets are folded!
TWB_3218  TWB_3210

And oh my goodness………check out their rooms!
 TWB_3215 TWB_3216

Do you know how long it has been since I have see the top of this dressor?  There are no mini skateboards, books, socks, etc cluttering the top of it AND he showed me that he did not just stuff things in the closet as I had suspected

So……I then had to ask "What do you want?" or "Did you break something?".  He said he just did it to be nice and take something off my plate.  WHAT!  Really, this is better than dancing through some silly flowes.  I informed him the significance of what he had done and it was really one of the sweetest things to come home to. 

Oh………..I will bask in this moment and the clean house because I know it is short lived.  But this is one of the most blessed moms who despite the 50 million questions and hearing "Mom" all day she loves those little kidlets!