_TWB4761 Today with anticipation the kids waited, and waited and watched out the window for Gram and Papa.  Around 3:30 pm they drove up and the kids jumped with joy.  They already had their shoes and jackets on and ran outside to hug them.  We are all happy they are here safe and sound. 

The kids immediately went into a list of things they want to do……….

  • ice skating
  • shopping
  • Borders bookstore
  • play lots of games
  • go out to eat
  • watch Micky at gymnastics
  • play dolls
  • help with homework
  • cook together

I added one more to the list by booking a trip for my mom and I to go to SAN FRANCISCO!  We are both excited for our mini trip in January.  So needless to say we are all ready to have some fun.