Today did not start with a lot of gusto.  In fact my mojo was gone.  I have been fighting some sort of head cold where my head is the weight of a bowling ball.  Unlike yesterday when I did not go to the gym at all (blame it on the plumber) I went to the gym for 5 minutes.  My body and mind did not want to be there so I gave in and went home.  The guilt kicked in but I figured another day off would not be the end of the world.  I did feel special when two people from the gym called to make sure I am OK.  How nice is that!  I am just feeling out of sorts. 

On the home front we do have plumbing in the kitchen!  It was so wonderful to load up that dishwasher last night.  I really did miss that thing!  I swear my sink is so largeTyler I could bath in it!  (OK, stop thinking about my over-grown legs hanging out of a sink! 

Then last night Tyler got an honor for his artwork.  His project is going on to represent our school district at the County Level.  Very cool!  We are so proud of him.

One more deadline completed today……I created this mini tin album for Die Cuts With A View called "A Charmed Life".  This is the best I could do with this fog in my head.  Dsc_1225Hopefully it will meed the needs for QVC. 

Now I have a deadline of Friday for FiberMark.  They sent me their pre-released new papers for CHA!  My lips are sealed but there is some really cool stuff.  Stay tuned in January to see them at CHA!  I cannot wait.