Joey lost his second tooth…well, actually he did not lose it, Mom pulled it for him.  While Micky is practically tying her teeth to string and attaching them to doorways to loosen them up, Joey will not touch his lose teeth.  What kids does not like to wiggle those teeth out?  The dentist recommend I persuade him to get it out.  You could see the look of disdain in Micky's eyes when she tried to act happy for his loss.  She so wants her first tooth to fall out.  I mean, how embarrassing that everyone in your class has lost teeth!  Can you imagine what I will have to deal with when she has to buy a bra!  Ok, I am not ready to go there yet. 
_TWB1985 _TWB1987   
So the tooth fairy came and left $2 in the tooth fairy pillow and I am not even sure Joey noticed!  He did not come running into my room and tell me about the money or the pixie dust that the tooth fairy left behind.  I just checked and the money is gone, pillow is tossed aside but nothing!  What kind of kid is this that cashes in but does not see the magic.  The tooth fairy gets no respect.  I am going to strike on her behalf.  She still holds out hope that Micky will see the magic.
_TWB1989 The magic is still there for me!